Warm Little Drinks!


Hey, Everyone. Southern California is getting cold and having beautiful weather lately. I prefer winter than hot summer weather. What is your favorite seasons in the year?

This winter, I am so in LOVE with one delicious drink.—— HOT APPLE CIDER.¬†

This is so delicious. I really didn’t like Apple cider before and I did not understand why do you have to warm up Apple juice… It did not make sense to me… But this year, I am so Addicted<3 I ran to a couple stores and could not find Apple Cider, besides one store. That store is named Aldi. I and my husband LOVE Apple Cider from Aldi ($2.99 for 1 gal Apple Cider! ) The Apple cider has such a rich flavor (My husband enjoy his Apple Cider with adding whip and cinnamon. ) It is very hard to find¬†because not all store carry Apple Cider around where we live.

If you have not had Apple Cider this year yet, You should have some. It’s really good in cold weather : )


Have a joyful Holiday, Everyone!








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