New Grocery Store ‘Aldi’




Hey, everyone. How is your weekend going so far? Hope you are having a blessed weekend : )


aldiHave you heard of Aldi, a German style grocery store? One of my friends who lives in Rancho Cucamonga, CA recommended me to this store a while ago, and I finally decided to stop by and check this new store out. Before I stepped into the store,
what surprised me was I need 25 cents to use a cart (This is a deposit and you will get back your 25 cents when you return the shopping cart). No wonder I don’t see random shopping carts all over the parking lot. This is a very smart idea.
Inside of the store is very clean, very friendly staff and their prices are very low.
Usually, buying organic food is pretty expensive, but at Aldi, you can buy organic on a budget : ) Taste and food quality? Vegetables/ fruits are fresh
and very good quality. They have a large section of frozen food. We tried a frozen shepherd pie and it was very delicious. My first trip to Aldi was excellent : ) Now, this is one of my favorite places to grocery shop.




Search Aldi around your area, and you should most definitely try this new grocery store. You will have an amazing experience there. Don’t forget to bring 25 cents to use a shopping cart!



See you, everyone! Have a blessed weekend : )






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