Hello, Everyone!

Hey, everyone! How are you doing? Hope you are having a wonderful day! By the way, Thank you very much for stopping by my new websiteSMILE JOY AND LOVE.’ I hope you enjoy my website.


Today, I would like to explain about my website a little bit:


About Title ‘SMILE JOY and LOVE’:
Life is very short more than we know. So there is no time for us feeling anger/hating someone. Life is a gift from God. ~ Pray hard, work hard and play!


Blog post:
Well…. I am not sure what I am going to write on here, to be honest with you. lol, But I will most definitely write something useful for you or my daily life in beautiful California. Please stay tuned : ) Also you are more than welcome to let me know what do you want me to post : )


Word of the Lord:
The Bible is one of my favorite books. The words are very beautiful The word is my strength to go through each day! Hope you enjoy the holy words : ) The words will change every day!


About Me: If you want to know about me, go visit ‘About Mimi’ page.


Contact: If you want to contact me, there are 2 ways you can reach out to me. You can click from HERE.


Now, I have to go cook-up a delicious Japanese meal for dinner (I and my husband are very hungry..). It’s my turn to cook lol. I will talk to you guys soon!


Sayonara (Bye in Japanese)







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