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Pet Urine Stench!

What’s going on, everyone? Hope you are having a great day. Recently, I am having a toothache. I need to see my dentist as soon as possible. By the way, MOCHI, my pet Shiba Inu, urinated on the carpet a few days ago. It was the first time that this happened. Needless to say, I and …

Best Carpet Cleaning Service EVER!

Hey. everyone! How is going? Hope you are doing fantastic and enjoying this beautiful weather. In southern California, we had a lot of rainy days in February this year, but I am glad it’s finally over. Since we are having such beautiful spring weather, I and my husband decided to get our carpet cleaning by professional, due …

God is Real

Hey, everyone! 2016 will end in a few more days. How was 2016 for you? 2016 was a challenging year for me, I learned 2 important things: have faith and be patient. But now I can’t wait to see what’s store in 2017!

Starbucks Free Drinks For 10 Days

Hey Everyone! How are you doing? Southern California is getting cold and I am enjoying this weather (except the rain). This morning I received one email from one of my clients who owns a Limousine Services Costa Mesa in CA and the email was about Starbucks offer FREE drinks for 10 days at certain stores. 

Warm Little Drinks!

  Hey, Everyone. Southern California is getting cold and having beautiful weather lately. I prefer winter than hot summer weather. What is your favorite seasons in the year? This winter, I am so in LOVE with one delicious drink.—— HOT APPLE CIDER. 

Hello December

    Believe it or not, it’s already December everyone! I can not believe hoe time goes so fast. And Christmas is a few more weeks away, then New Year’s Eve…..   And Christmas is a few more weeks away, then New Year’s Eve…..   Unfortunately, I have so much I need to do this …

New Grocery Store ‘Aldi’

    Hey, everyone. How is your weekend going so far? Hope you are having a blessed weekend : )   Have you heard of Aldi, a German style grocery store? One of my friends who lives in Rancho Cucamonga, CA recommended me to this store a while ago, and I finally decided to stop by …

Hello, Everyone!

Hey, everyone! How are you doing? Hope you are having a wonderful day! By the way, Thank you very much for stopping by my new website ‘SMILE JOY AND LOVE.’ I hope you enjoy my website.   Today, I would like to explain about my website a little bit:   About Title ‘SMILE JOY and …