About Mimi

mimi-and-toriHi, I am from Japan and currently living in California. I am a wife, Jesus Lover, and entrepreneur.


I married my husband in August 2012. I was on a student visa in America and my visa was almost expired. So we had to decide what we¬†wanted to do, either we marry or have a long distance relationship. It was a very difficult situation because I was still 25 at that time and¬†there were so many things I would like to do in my life. But our choice was RIGHT(well…if there was no visa issue, I may of be single for the entire of my life.)! Now, I am living in the country where I wanted to live, having my own business (well…. I wanted to be an RN in California.) and involving myself in a church without a limited time. What else did I want?? Maybe kids… But only God knows…



Most of my time, I am working on my business or involving in church tasks. I am the person that does not have spare time. I always want to do something. But I do enjoy being a wife, going out with my husband to eat yummy food, grabbing drinks from Starbucks, cooking together or pillow fighting…..etc : )



I love traveling, I traveled so many places even to different countries. Visiting different countries, experiencing different culture/ foodtraveling inspired me a lot.
There are still many countries/ cities that I would like to visit : ) I can’t wait to visit more beautiful places on this earth. Oops, one more thing, I can not forget the hot spa (Onsen, hot spa in Japanese). Onsen is one of the things that I can’t forget about every time I visit my country, Japan. Every time I go to Onsen, I feel so blessed to be Japanese. It’s very hard to explain why, but if you have an opportunity to travel to Japan, and visit Onsen (experience the traditional Japanese culture yourself!) you will see what I am talking about.




Thank you for reading, everyone! Want to know about me more? Check my blog consistently!